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Erectile Dysfunction


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Vidalista 20 Mg
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What is Vidalista 20?

  • The primary purpose of Vidalista 20 is to manage erectile dysfunction (ED), a sexual condition where men find it hard to attain or sustain an erection during intercourse. Vidalista 20 mg contains Tadalafil as its active component. When a male undergoes sexual arousal, nitric oxide (NO) is emitted into the body, which leads to a surge in cGMP levels within the penis.
  • As a consequence of this occurrence, the smooth muscle tissue becomes less tense, and there is a boost in blood circulation to the male genitalia, causing an erection to take place. Nonetheless, for males suffering from ED, cGMP is inhibited by the PDE5 enzyme, thereby hindering the initiation or quick fading of an erection.

Uses of Vidalista 20Mg?

  • Vidalista 20 mg is a medication commonly prescribed to address impotence concerns that normally affect men. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a prevalent condition that impacts numerous men globally and manifests as the incapability to attain or sustain a penile erection while engaging in sexual activity.
  • The medication Vidalista 20Mg comprises Tadalafil Citrate, an active ingredient that functions as a PDE5 inhibitor. This method operates by easing the soft muscles surrounding the blood vessels within the genitalia, facilitating a boost in blood circulation toward that region of the body. The augmented circulation of blood aids in generating and upholding a sturdy and enduring erection that is crucial for fulfilling sexual intimacy.
  • Vidalista 20Mmg can effectively treat not only ED but also benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a non-cancerous condition characterized by the enlargement of the prostate gland, which can lead to urinary symptoms such as weak stream, frequent urination, and difficulty urinating.
  • To ensure safety and effectiveness, it is imperative to heed the guidance of a medical expert and adhere to the prescribed dosage and label instructions when consuming Vidalista. Inappropriate or excessive use of this medicine can result in negative consequences.

How does Vidalista 20 mg work?

  • Vidalista 20Mg comprises Tadalafil, serving as a blocker of PDE5. Its mechanism involves the relaxation of smooth muscle cells within the blood vessels located in the penis, enabling a surge in blood circulation to that region.
  • In those suffering from male erectile dysfunction, the enzyme PDE-5 inhibitor deteriorates the compound cGMP, which aids in the relaxation of smooth muscles and improves the flow of blood to the male organ. Vidalista 20 mg, containing Tadalafil, effectively boosts blood circulation to the penis by enhancing cGMP levels by obstructing the PDE5 enzyme, ultimately leading to relaxed and smooth muscles.
  • The augmented circulation of blood facilitates the generation and retention of a durable and sturdy erection that is crucial for a gratifying Sexual Experience. The drug does not enhance libido or provide a remedy for erectile dysfunction.


  • It is advised to take one oral tablet of Vidalista 20Mg 30 minutes before engaging in sexual activity as the initial dosage. This medication can be ingested with or without food; however, it is imperative not to consume it more than once daily.

Missed dose

  • As Vidalista 20 mg is not meant for daily consumption, the possibility of missing a dose is minimal. If you intend to participate in sexual activity, take a recommended tablet before engaging in it.


  • In case of exceeding the suggested amount of Vidalista 20Mg, it is vital to promptly seek medical assistance. Adverse effects of taking too much substance can manifest through symptoms such as chest discomfort, queasiness, irregularity in heart rate, and temporary loss of consciousness.


  • Keep the Vidalista 20 mg tablets in a cool, dry place at room temperature, protected from heat and moisture. The drug should always be stored away from kids.


Drug Interactions

  • It is not recommended to consume Vidalista 20Mg along with any other medicines utilized for treating Erectile Dysfunction. If consumed with Tadalafil, these medicines may lead to a hazardous decrease in blood pressure.

Disease Interactions

  • Patients who have liver or kidney disorders, heart issues, or a past history of stroke need to be careful while using Vidalista. Patients diagnosed with NAION and certain eye conditions should avoid using it.

Food and Beverage Interactions

  • It is not advisable to consume Vidalista 20Mg along with grapefruit or grapefruit juice, as it may result in escalated Tadalafil levels in the bloodstream that can pose a threat of hazardous after-effects.

Side effects of Vidalista 20

  • The most frequent adverse reactions of Vidalista 20 mg are known to be headache, flushing, queasiness, lower back discomfort, and Muscular Soreness. Normally, these negative outcomes are mild and fade away in a few hours. In case of severe or lasting adverse reactions, it is advisable to promptly seek medical assistance.


  • Vidalista 20Mg is a drug mainly prescribed to address male Sexual Dysfunction, specifically erectile dysfunction (ED). The substance in question is Tadalafil, a PDE5 inhibitor that eases the tension in the blood vessel’s smooth muscles within the penis, culminating in better blood circulation in the region.
  • Enhanced blood circulation aids in generating and preserving a robust and sustained erection, which is essential for a gratifying sexual encounter. Proper usage of Vidalista 20Mg is critical and should only be done under the guidance of a medical practitioner while adhering to the instructions on the package. The medication can be obtained from Cheaptrustedpharmacy.

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How long does Vidalista 20mg take to work?

Typically, Vidalista 20Mg exhibits its effects within half an hour after consumption. Nevertheless, it could potentially require a lengthier amount of time for certain individuals, as much as two hours.

What is Sildenafil Citrate used for?

Men with erectile dysfunction can also use Sildenafil Citrate to cure their condition. It blocks the PDE5 enzyme while improving blood circulation to the male genitalia. Viagra is marketed and available for purchase by its brand name.

Is Vidalista 20 good to use?

Vidalista 20Mg is a reliable remedy that is safe and potent in addressing male impotence. It is important to adhere strictly to the directives of a healthcare professional in the use of this medication, and it should be avoided in patients with particular medical conditions or when taking certain medications.


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