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What Age Do Men Start Having Erectile Dysfunction Problems?

  • Erectile dysfunction or other erection problem refers to the inability to obtain and maintain an erection to have satisfactory sex. Sometimes, ED is also known as impotence. This sexual disorder mainly occurs when blood circulation is deficient in the penis, and the male sex organ does not receive enough blood for an erection. For some people, it happens occasionally, which is not much of a concern. However, if it happens frequently, you need to discuss it with the health care provider. 

However, you may experience erectile dysfunction:

  • When you can sometimes achieve an erection, but it is insufficient for intercourse.
  • When your erection doesn’t last long enough to get satisfactory sexual intercourse
  • When you cannot achieve an erection 

Many people suffer from erection problems from time to time. However, if your erectile dysfunction is long-term, you need immediate medical help. Long-term ED or other erection problems may affect your confidence or cause Relationship Problems. Erectile dysfunction or impotence be a symptom of different serious health problems. So, it needs proper treatment or medication.

At what age are men usually affected by erectile dysfunction?

  • ED is a major risk factor in aging. But now, this problem does not always develop with age. However, one of the main causes of ED or erection problems is age. There is about a 40% chance of developing the problem by age 40. It increases by about 10% after age 40.

Primary Causes of erection problems

Everyone thinks that an erection occurs with sexual excitement. But getting an erection is a complex process involving the functions of many organs like blood vessels, hormones, nerves, etc. There are also emotions involved in the excitement.

The primary causes of ED such as:

Cardio vascular or vascular problem: The main cause of ED is inadequate blood supply in the blood vessels. Blood supply to blood vessels can be disrupted due to many reasons, such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. These all can cause erectile dysfunction.

Neurological disorders: Many physical problems affect the nerves, which are the main ones responsible for blood supply to the penis, which can cause erectile dysfunction. These physical problems are multiple sclerosis, back and spine problems, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetes.

Diabetes or high blood sugar: Diabetes is a serious physical condition that can damage various parts of the body, such as nerves and blood vessels, which can cause erection problems.

Psychological and behavioral factors: Also stress, depression, anxiety, and exercise can contribute to erection problems like erectile dysfunction. Also, taking alcohol and other alcoholic beverage can also contribute to ED or impotence.

Physical trauma: Sometimes trauma or surgery to the spine or pelvic region may occur for different reasons. These problems may damage the blood vessels in that area, resulting in erection problems such as ED. There are many reasons why testosterone levels in the male body can decrease, which leads to ED.

Why are young people affected by the erection problem such as erectile dysfunction today? 

ED is a common problem for older men people; however, now even young men are being affected by it.

Some data also suggest that now about 8% of men between the ages of 20 and 30 and about 11% between the ages of 31 and 39 suffer from erection problems such as erectile dysfunction, impotence, etc.

Although ED was a major problem in older men before, now younger men are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction due to irregular lifestyles or psychological problems. Mentioned below are the physical and psychological reasons

  • Anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Performance anxiety or shame about sexual activity
  • Smoking
  • Using recreational drug 
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Being too sedentary

Some medical conditions that may cause ED in younger people, such as:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Cardiovascular problem or blood vessel disease
  • Diabetes 
  • Chronic kidney problem
  • Peronei’s disease or other penile abnormalities
  • Penis deformation or Injury to the penis, prostate, spinal cord, or pelvis

Proper Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

  • Several effective treatment options are recommended for treating ED in men of all ages, including lifestyle changes, maintaining a proper diet, and taking certain medications. However, which treatment will be most effective depends on the underlying cause of ED.
  • If you are unsure about the symptoms of ED, you should discuss treatment options with your healthcare provider.

Changes in Lifestyle

Maintaining a proper lifestyle is one of the best treatment options to decrease the symptoms of ED or improve your sexual desire or function, including

  • Quitting smoking
  • Limiting or stopping alcohol consumption
  • Increasing workout or other physical activity
  • Stopping or quitting drug abuse
  • Performing pelvic floor or Kegel exercises
  • Seeking medical help to manage any underlying cause of ED, including diabetes, hypertension, etc. 

Maintaining Proper Diet

  • Different studies show the relationship between ED and your health. So, it is important to eat a healthy diet that helps to reduce the risk of heart problems and prevent ED.
  • The Mediterranean diet is specifically effective in treating ED. This type of diet is low in red and processed meats and has high-level vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, and fish. It can reduce the risk of erection problems such as ED or impotence. 

Taking proper Medications such as PDE5

  • There are four FDA-approved ED medications belongs to the group of drugs called PDE 5 inhibitors available on the market such as sildenafil, tadalafil, Vardenafil, and Avanafil 
  • Cenforce 100, Cenforce 200 are help men get and maintain enough erections during sex by improving the effects of nitric oxide in the blood. It can relax the penile muscles; expand blood vessels in the penis that, help you to improve the blood flow in the penile area.

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